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Job Responsibilities:   

1. Conscientiously implement the company's sales management regulations and implementation rules, and strive to improve their business            level. 

2. Actively complete the company's prescribed or promised sales volume indicators, develop new market channels, and tap potential                      customers. 

3. Responsible for signing a sales contract with the customer, urging the contract to perform as scheduled, and arranging the sales receivable        due.                                             

4. Collect first-line marketing information and user opinions, and provide reference for the company's marketing strategy, advertising, after-          sales service, product improvement and new product development.

5. Fill in the relevant sales form and submit the sales analysis and summary report.  

6. Doing the company's interests as the priority, not asking for kickbacks, obeying national laws, does not constitute an economic crime.


job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, marketing major is preferred;

2, age: 20-35 years old

3. Working place: Shenzhen, able to adapt to business trips;

4. More than one year of sales experience in the same industry is preferred.

5, with keen observation, good communication and coordination ability and efficient execution, team spirit and courage to challenge;

6, with strong market analysis and judgment, good customer service awareness, responsible, able to withstand greater work pressure.


Treatment: 4000 yuan base salary + commission

Interested parties please send your resume to the email address : MICHELE@3EXCEL.COM

Tel: 0755-29016201

Contact: Ms. Guo