Sensors do not communicate

Fault phenomena:
Four sensors are hung on the car and ready for measurement, but it is found that the system cannot detect the level of four sensors in the detection, so it can not measure the car.
In the process of measurement, the front speed cannot be displayed, and it is found that the 'several' sensor communication failure is indicated on the display screen.

Analysis of faults:
1.Is the main Bluetooth box wired to the host computer?
2.Whether the sensor is about to run out of power, resulting in shutdown, no signal.
3.Is the main Bluetooth box damaged?
4.Whether Bluetooth is damaged or not.

Judging faults and solving methods:
Connect the main Bluetooth box to the host again.
Check that the four sensors are adequately charged.
Check the signal lights on the main Bluetooth box, if not, and reconnect with the host. If there is no response, switch the plug to other USB ports to confirm that the host plug is faultless. If it is still not on, it indicates that the main Bluetooth box is faulty. If the signal lights are on and flashing, it means that the main Bluetooth box is not connected to the signals of the four sensors, then the first thing is to turn blue. If the teeth are re-paired and the sub-Bluetooth is still not connected after more than three times of re-pairing, it means that the main Bluetooth is out of order. If it is confirmed that the main Bluetooth is out of order, it should be replaced.

When all the other four sensors are on, first turn on the sensor information in the system management to see if there is any light spot on the 'Level' of each sensor information. If a sensor is found to have no light spot, first look at the display screen to indicate whether the sensor failed to communicate with each other and whether the signal light of the sensor flickers. If so, see if the signal light of the sensor flickers. Flashing, and still flickering after the Bluetooth pairing, indicates that the Bluetooth sensor is faulty, and replaces it.