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1. Unique design camera target one to one, accurate and fast

2. 100mm Micro vehicle pushing within the range of turntable

3. Camera target one to one, accurate and fast

4. Black box function, record working status at all time

5. Full-range 3D animation instruction, simple and easy

6. Intelligent diagnose function, quick problem shooting

7. Telephone follow-up function, a good helper to manage customers

8. Scan QR code to obtain test report on Android devices

9. Extensive database included, one click upgrading online

10. Thrust angle compensation, fix non-adjustable rear toe vehicle

11. 32”LCD display, fixed place column installment

12. Voice instruction function, properly operate the machine

13. Additional measurement including wheelbase, track width etc.

14. Jack & hold function, easy adjustment with wheels off road

15. Graphic display function, clear illustration for beginner

16. VAG function special for Audi and VW constant toe adjustment