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3D positioning system is fully upgraded

Adhering to the concept of independent research and development and continuous innovation, in this warm March, Shenzhen 3Excel Technology Co., Ltd. presented a great meal to the end users around the world!

This four-camera 3D positioning system version was upgraded from the previous V5.2.0 to V6.0.0.


This dual camera 3D positioning system version was upgraded from V3.2.0 to V4.0.0.


This upgrade is derived from the market and customer needs, mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

First, the performance of the intelligent fuzzy search engine under the 'model selection' module has been strengthened, allowing users to search for models in the huge model database to become smarter, faster and more efficient.


Second, the data unit intelligent conversion function under the common database module is added, and the “degrees” and “mm” can be directly converted into “degrees” by one button, which greatly improves the efficiency of the end user to add vehicle data according to the car manual. Convenience, completely liberate the brain.


Third, the vehicle data one-click upgrade function has been added. As long as the locator computer stays connected to the network (mobile phone hotspot, WIFI, Internet, etc.), the latest database can be updated with one click, making the model database upgrade extremely simple.